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Ongoing Master's Thesis @ MIT

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I'm currently looking for research participants and furniture stakeholders!

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Need-finding in the home environment: using human-centered and speculative methodologies in furniture design


Our society needs furniture that keeps up with our ever-evolving home needs where, in many ways, our architecture can not. Trained as an architect and as a design researcher, I am interested in understanding our emotional and functional home and furniture needs and, in particular, exploring tools for discovering these needs using human-centered and speculative design approaches. ​


How might we disassociate what humans need in the home environment vs. what they can currently find in the market?

Everyone is unique. Everyone has their values, rituals, and definition of home. I believe that furniture should nurture what people enjoy doing, aim to do more, and help people celebrate the small moments. I hope that this process results in helping us furnish houses so they can become homes. The challenge we face is introducing an in-depth human insight into the current furniture design and selling model. 

What makes a house a home?

A traditional architectural brief for a house lists a set of rooms, a budget, and a timeline. Once moved in, a conventional furniture list will include pieces predefined by society for each room. The goal of this thesis is to make you stop. It will invite you to think before you make that list, understand what makes a house a home for you, and imagine alternative future homes.

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