in collaboration with María Escudero García


Louis Vuitton Spark Award

The way of bringing this idea to reality is creating a succession of elevated runways and platforms, above the street level, creating a transversal connection between levels.
The height of this construction may vary adapting to the urban lanscape. It’s not a direct reproduction of rail infrastructures but an abstract representation of it, with an striking presence of concrete that unifies the project.

Michigan avenue can be considered has a linear neighborhood,
all the activity is concentrated in The Northern section,
that works as the spine of Magnificent Mile.


We find the cause in a phenomenon called ‘Urban Canyon’, that appears when the width of the street is minimum compared to the height of the buildings. Having high rise buildings on both sides of Michigan avenue makes us walk in a straight line, only focusing on what we have in front of us, and not even being concious of the transversal narrower streets.

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