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This exercise was about designing a senior cohousing in Copenhaguen.
Three layers are taken into account: the water, the soil and the air. 

This design turns out to be the overlap of these three layers, with perforations in between these levels to connect these horizontal parameters.

Temporary Spanish Academy of the Arts hanging from the roofs of Tribeca

Studio V, 

Universida Politecnica de Madrid

¿Do you imagine to live and design laying on a platform hanged above a rooftop in Manhattan? 
This is how the experience of those artists would be living in Tribeca.


Factum Arte/ Factum Foundation is presented as the main client for this advanced design course . Working mainly with an evolving 3D model, the negotiation between the three team members becomes the most powerful tool for the design. Physical and digital prototypes are made in order to develop the PostFactum facade. During the last 2 weeks, the 2D drawings were produced to complete the information in the 3D model.

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