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M.Arch. Thesis

Estrato público

Nature a its geometries set up unique and intense spaces, desirable situations to be experimented. Is there any way to bring that intensity into architecture? Today, however, society propels neutral and impersonal spaces forward, turning some spots of our cities intro the same indifferent location.


Some of Madrid’s public spaces have fall into urban decay. Now, these indifferent spaces need a new public realm : fresh, strange and unexpected, that are at the height of its social intensity and universality. Estrato Publico aims to provide these spaces of Madrid with new urban landscapes: places with an unexpected nature that still allows design thinking on alternatives to horizontality in the public space and the different interpretations of the ground.


As an alternative to a square, a park or a parking lot, we are seeking for a new model of public space that has not yet been named: the construction of a new metropolitan landscape for the city of Madrid.


After reading the public strata of Madrid, we are lead to an alternative to the common underground parking beneath a public space on top, which assumes them as two unconnected public layers.

These two different elevation heights will merge into a single one, matching and connecting the dimensions of the existing city: a continuous section that overflows the outbound of the space itself.


There is still room to reflect on a New Monumentalism: how the extraordinary of natural spaces can be considered as an urban monument for cities. The proposed landscape will give identity to one ofto the largest arcaded space in Madrid, la Remonta, in Tetuán.


We aim to create a transitory state about the changing role of the vehicle in the public space of Madrid.

The challenge is now about designing a new public venue so that, one day, is no longer needed as a parking space and can become a role practice in the contemporary city, hinge between the current city and the one that is about to arrive.

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