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Data Visualization

data non-visualization

4.110 Design Across Scales, MIT


def: the principal method of human communication, consisting of words used in a structured and conventional way and conveyed by speech, writing, or gesture.

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{dataset] written language in English, 4/20

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{dataset] written language in Spanish, 4/20

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designing a critter

4.110 Design Across Scales, MIT

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critter diaries


2-week critter evolution


information graphics

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, ETSAM

voyager: the golden record of human emotions

4.110 Design Across Scales, MIT

Project in collaboration with Audrey Gatta

The goal of this exercise was to create a new collection of human recordings that will travel onboard Voyager 3, a space probe that is being designed for launch aboard Blue Origin’s proposed New Glenn rocket in August of 2022.

As opposed to curating a collection of 40 images, which would fail to fully encompass humanity and which would possibly be irrelevant or archaic by the time the record is found, we chose to focus on communicating human emotion. The breadth of emotions felt by
humans are incredible and unique, so we explored a way to explain emotions without words and show their relationships to one another through an interactive data visualization.

Metacognition or the ability to think about ourselves is one of the unique abilities of the human being that sets us apart from other living beings: does an insect know it is an insect?

Our identity as human beings is based on our representation of our own selves and somehow is defined by having awareness of ourselves as human beings. The ability to make conscious representations of ourselves is one of the trades of human cognition along with language. This is the reason why we wanted to learn more about this exercise and use it as a tool to frame the golden record and our message as human beings to outer space.

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